Everything is Customised for Your Business!

Homepage Design

Make a great first impression and draw your customers attention to what’s important.

Product Page Design

This page give more detailed information on a particular product.

Category Design

This design groups products together to help customers find relevant products they are searching for.

Button Design

Clear and obvious buttons designed to make it easy for the customer to make their purchase.

Menu Design

We design a matching menu that enables customers to navigate through your categories.


Large graphics featuring your best products will be displayed on the homepage.

Logo Placement

A website ready version of your logo will be created and placed on every page of your online store.

Automated Email Design

It’s important that your customers receiving a matching email once a purchase has been made.


Other Design Features

Get Googled and found on other search engines.

Customers need to find you to buy from you. With extensive search engine optimisation (SEO) built into your store, you’ll soon be Googlable.


Create coupons and discounts for customers.

By offering discounts to VIP customers or rewarding them with coupons you’ll get your customers returning. Discounts can be applied for a group of people, shipping and return to full price automatically at a set date.


Facebook and other social media features

Customers can easily share your products with Facebook friends directly from your website. This is a great way to generate leads at no cost to your business.

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